What started as a puppet-based webseries inspired by Strongbad Emails has now moved to the next step in its evolution.

The series was a workable foundation for the characters and storyworld, a world full of monsters reflecting the kinds of personalities you find online. It won some awards and we learned from our mistakes. But a webseries is not our endgame, but it is a part of the game plan. We have to, and want to, adapt to the opportunities presented by the ever changing media industry - whether we try our hand at a podcast, 360 degree video, video game, short film or other.

Agoro was created as a way to explore film and content production methods in a low stakes environment. After all, it's true that any genuinely engaging project can be adapted for any medium and we feel Agoro has what it takes to be a multi-media masterpiece... given time and a willingness to try new stuff, fail at it then redefine that stuff.
And we hope you keep following along to see this seed of an idea grow, then break, then grow stronger again.




When working low budget, very low budget, and DIY it's crazy what you can accomplish within the limitations. The show has been a great chance for me and my team to make a few mistakes here and there while playing around with a few storytelling techniques that are seen less and less these days. But just because a technique is out of fashion doesn't make it any less effective.


On a practical level, I could have made a short film and learned how to hone one approach to film making but taking the web series path really opened up the range of storytelling tools at play. This has lead to a varied tone between the episodes in the series, but when all's said and done I'm quite happy with what we achieved and look forward to what comes next.


An award winning mix of puppetry, animation and gaming revolving around a reclusive, shut-in monster plagued by the friends and fiends he meets online.





After breaking his leg he sat in a basement for about four months. Add a little bit of crazy to creativity and you get a show about a monster living in a basement


Music Composer


Compser, music producer and internet legend. The quality of his work and the scale of his contribution to Creative Commons deserves a Nobel awesomness prize


Audio Supervisor


The long ordeal of re-voicing every character was... well, it was long... and this dude was the guide who led the way. And recorded stuff, and made it sound good. 

Martin Buckingham

Lead Puppeteer


A professional stage performer who helped a bro out. He was offered food and good times... Now he can add "guy with hand up a plush toy" to his LinkedIn profile




Contortion, crouching and cramps. This actress worked her magic as the second half of the duo that brought Agoro to life. As always, I thank her for her pain




Camera, lights, action - he does it all. I was like, 'I'm doing this thing that needs awesome camera work and lights' and he was all 'I do all that stuff'. The rest is history

Clare Buckingham

Voice Actor


At first I was all like, yo sis' 'If I do Agoro's voice and you do the love interest...'. And then I was, 'I guess the audience will just have to deal with it because you voice good'

Agoro the Phobic Monster

The Main Dude


An American actor and part-time model expert who discovered that it's mandatory for Australian films to have Americans in the lead role. The rest is history.

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