There's nothing like being a part from something, as in 'belong to something', not being apart from it. And here's you're chance to belong to a unique, exclusive, secretive, adjective-using community - MeTopia. We could go on about what it means to be a citizen but for now let's get to the point - this is our version of a FAN CLUB and NEWSLETTER all rolled into one - sent to your inbox uin the form of AGORO MAIL 2.0...


Over time there will be benefits and bonuses for members/citizens but for now signing up is your only garunteed way to get an inside edge into the world of Agoro the Phobic Monster.


All this and more can be yours with our "three simple steps to citizenship".



1.. SIGN UP. And, that makes you a citizen. You'll get all the benefits of being loyal to Supreme Ruler Agoro. So the other steps are kind of redundant. But they're good for a laugh, and a happy citizen is an obediant citizen. But before the LOL's don't forget to enlist, I mean 'join', below...



The test is currently in an early Beta. Have a go, but be mindful that additions and amendments will be coming in the coming months.


3.. PREPARE YOUR PASSPORT. Below is an example of a blank passport. If you want your passport recognized by the nation simply contact us with your passport photo and name. We'll then add you to our New Citizen Announcements and put your picture in on the Metopian Information Bureau's page. Over time we may update your passport based on your interatcions with us or the site....


     This includes new medals, status's and stamps added by us to your passport for anything from submitting Fan Art to Entering a Competition. Click here for the list of Elligible Interactions that are currently available. This list will grow as the site develops in the recruitment drive.


Submission Guidelines: SEND IN A PASSPORT PHOTO, AND USE YOUR NAME AS THE NAME OF THE PICTURE FILE. Then send it to us via the button below. We will reject submissions that we consider inappropriate.

Be mindful that processing of passports and embellishments may take several days. Please be patient. We are a very small team.

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