How to build a web series
How to design a web series
How to edit a web series
How to write a web series
How to fund a web series



Here we explore how everything was built. How we made the puppets and the props. How the set was created. How practical effects were built. And so much more...



Here we explore the thinking and process behind designing elements of the series. How the characters were designed. How the artwork is developed. And more...




Here we explore the process behind piecing together the series. How to organize an edit. Things to avoid and things to never forget. How special effects were done. And more...




Here we explore the building of a storyworld. The intention and the execution of the story. The creation of characters. The themes at play. The mutation of the script through production and much more...




What's MeTopia?... 'MeTopia' (a word born from narcissism and utopian ideals) is the name of Agoro's ruthless basement nation-state. And Agoro wants you!! Yes you, to be his newest citizen.