This 'game' is primarily a staged 3D environment. While there is a whole island to explore the detail and contents of the island are currently a little sparse. We consider v1.0 to be a 'set visit' for fans or 'a filmmaking case study' for people interested in creating similar sequences as seen in Episode 6. It's a learning tool.


For most people, and that most likely includes you, we highly reccomend skipping this version entirely. It will completely sour the enthusiasm of anyone expecting an enjoyable, as opposed to an educational, experience.


This version is not fully optimized, it is likely to have all the issues every gamer complains about online. The file size is large and loading times will be longer than you'll expect. However, the game engine is very reliable.


   Over time new versions will be made available with increased narrative and interactivity. With that in mind, don't expect a fully realized game, at best the end result will be a 'walking simulator' with opportunities to explore, find random encounters/easter eggs and occasionally kill everything, also the odd side quest or two. Timing for updates will be completely adhoc and unpredictable, watch out for our updates on facebook, etc. The later updates will also be used by us as a learning tool as we develop other fully realized, Agoro-themed, game related content.


And, please remain mindful that the game is property of

Marathon Pictures (c), ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Ep6/v1.0 - Backstory

 The dust has settled following another brutal Greetings Island Death Match, you've joined in on the next match. As you start the game by greeting islanders and keeping your cool you stumble across death and devastation, it seems the previous round's carnage was so violent, so fresh, that the island hasn't had time to refresh. So with a mix of pleasantry and morbidity you venture around paradise seeking out familiar faces and beautiful vistas. It's the calm before the storm... and we haven't, um... scripted the storm part. So,ah... enjoy the calmness and, and stuff.  


But with this new round comes revitalized avatars. Keep an eye out for Agoro, Bleeper, Jackie, Buddy and the rest. On Greetings Island, your relaxation has only just begun. 



  • MINIMUM: Frame Rate will be horrible

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 - 64bit required 

    • Processor: I5 min. 2.6 GHZ or better 

    • Memory: 6 GB RAM 

    • Graphics: Radeon 6850 or better 

    • DirectX: Version 10 

    • Storage: 8 GB available space 

    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible 

    • Additional Notes: May run on Systems with 4GB RAM + 2GB dedicated VRAM. Needs "real" DirectX 9.0c installed.




​Due to the large file size of the game we have chosen to make it available via DropBox. You don't need an account, just hit the start button to get to the download page.... and enjoy!



  • RECOMMENDED: Frame Rate will be bearable

    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 - 64bit required 

    • Processor: I7 3.5GHZ or better 

    • Memory: 8 GB RAM 

    • Graphics: GTX 970 or better, Radeon R9 380 or better 

    • DirectX: Version 10 

    • Storage: 10 GB available space 

    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible 

    • Additional Notes: Needs "real" DirectX 9.0c installed.