...Or at least, make them unpredictable and funny. With all the cliches and craziness in the world of FPS it's time for a tongue-in-cheek parody game. Follow the link to peek a little closer to our hopes for the game concept.

The Drawing Board

"Bassa Island Game Loop"

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




   Goldeneye on N64, thru the power of nostalgia, will always be the defining peak of the FPS genre. And like all great things that peak too early everything else is just a flashier micro-transactioned, DLC riddled slaughter simulator. But what if FPS and RPG could have a baby?


   And so Greeting's Island was born. An anti-FPS idea that we hope opens up game developers to the unexplored possibilities of the genre. More detail provided at the Drawing Board page. On Greetings Island your goal is to chill, not to kill. And if games truly are escapism why not escape to a peaceful paradise?


   The level we see Agoro and the guys play in Episode 6 isn't actually Greetings Island, it's a multiplayer map set on one of the fringe havens along the Greetings Archipelago. So when, or if, you downlaod the game (for free) you'll notice the level isn't the same as the map above. We actually started to build that map for use on the show but stopped at the point that the software's current capabilities ran up against our inexperience in creating CPU-friendly game levels.


   As the concept of the game developed we asked ourselves, what would be the complete opposite of a stock-standard ultra-violent, parent worrying, noob clobbering FPS game?... After some thought we struck upon a grand ambition for what that game would look like if it were real. The game would offer an extensive Single Player campaign, with Co-op, including elements of stealth and an online Multiplayer component - all of which is built upon a 'sliding skill system based on your character's class and moral choices'. The sales pitch for the game would be of an 'earnest holiday simulator' that just happens to have optional exploits that could turn nasty in the wrong hands. You know, it's all quiet and peaceful until someone unlocks the gun cabinet.


   In either single or mulit player the player experience is still roughly the same, you're a visitor to the Island looking for ways to remain calm and at peace, if you stress out - Game Over. You can do this by shooting a smile or throwing a high five, rather than shooting a shotgun or lobbing a grenade. But I've heard shooting can be quite relaxing for some people. And while there are weapons on the island, you wouldn't be interested in those... unless you were stressed out enough to unlock the ability to use them. And as you unwind you're cool and calm frame of mind can unlock abilities of persuasion and serenity over others. And finally, while on the island you could engage in activities like hiking and jet-skiing, you could use the crafting mode to build a custom sand castle or if you want you can socialize and stay calm by chatting pleasantly with other visitors to the island. Just make sure you avoid stressful situations, like the emergency phone call from back at home to the clumsy waiter who keeps spilling drinks on you or even worse -- there's that island uprising threatening to turn paradise into a nightmare just as the mega tsumani hits. There's so much fun to be had!! It's like some kind of Grand Theft Vacation.


Greetings Island - the weather forecast is clear skies, and a high chance of sharknados