If Sesame Street had a secret alley it would be called 'Learning Stuff Lane'

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Learning Stuff Lane

'Learning Stuff Lane' - a place of family friendly fun and friendship from a slightly bent point of view. It's the home of a kids show starring Buddy and his gang of misfits including... Mr Chuckles, Gargage Bin Gal, Twinkle Bear, Tuskaluficus, Professor Eggsworth and Wooly the Sheep. Every day is an adventure... when everyone is an idiot.

Meet the Gang

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Miscellaneous... Floof Lols

Developing Agoro for the Web Comic medium resulted in a bunch of different ideas and approaches to the content. Here are some examples.


The initial series 'Floof Lols' was intended to explore Agoro's world from an alternative perspective, i.e. Buddy. But over time the idea of 'Learning Stuff Lane' started to dominate the direction of the project.

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