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Press Release - #1                                        Nov 2016


Monster declares war on spam


The rise of Agoro the Phobic Monster




Sydney, 26th November, 2016 – Crazy puppet web show launches with a whimper and a rumble that promises to become a bang! Unknown Australian independent production company Marathon Pictures launches their first major production, a series following the life of an agoraphobic shut-in monster living vicariously through the internet. The show features a Muppety aesthetic, a format inspired by Strongbad Emails and a main character whose monstrous personality somehow walks the fine line between cute and cruel. He’s down to earth, naïve and lovable yet in the privacy of his own world a darkness stirs.


In a twisted case of art imitating life then life imitating art the series was conceived, written, shot and edited entirely in one room by series creator Chris Buckingham with the support of friends and family. Including professional performance artist Martin Buckingham and top notch cinematographer Bryan Coelho. It was a broken leg that kept Chris indoors and inspired the series, it was the internet that kept him alive and sane, then the lack of budget that forced him to film the show in his bedroom and a desktop computer that kept him hostage over the long post production process.


This is a show for adults that kids might like. A show that explores the world of people stuck in their own world, only seeing life through their computers and window blinds. It’s a series on the internet about we, the people of the internet. And as a first-time production the series is a test case for experimenting with different approaches to storytelling and comedy featuring a lead puppet whose goal is to “answer emails and solve problems, cleaning up the internet one email at a time”.


Alongside Agoro, the Phobic Monster, is a grab-bag cast of characters both lovable and loathable including - the foulmouthed Bleeper, the Hate Monster - the girl next door, Jackie, the Jackalope – and Melvin the docile alien. With characters that reflect the personalities found online the series unfolds as a showcase of bad behavior. Moderate bad behavior, nothing too extreme or horrific, just adult personalities in the form of cute little monster puppet things.


I don’t have an inspiring or newsprint quote ready for you,” said Chris Buckingham.

But I’m happy to explain everything, all you have to do is ask







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