Part One: Intoduction and Supplies

The series introduction is an overview of how anyone with some or no skills in puppet fabrication can make their very own high quality, camera ready, hand made character.


This video also introduces the Suppourting Documentation that you'll need to help you through the process. The documents can be downloaded by clicking the icons at the top of this page.

Part Two: Prepping and Cutting

Before diving into the build it's the preparation beforehand that'll make all the difference.


This video outlines modifications I make to the patterns listed above in the Supply List. It also gives an overview on cutting various materials.

Part Three: Sewing

The last step in the 'Pre-Build' phase is sewing together the fabric that you've previously cut out.


This video demonstrates the technique and approach I use for hand sewing the puppets. And yes, I hand sew everything.

Part Four: Arms

Now the character will start to emerge from the parts you've been preparing.


This video goes into detail on how to build arms with posable fingers, a natural bend at the elbow and the ability to swivel 360 degrees at the shoulder -- using a specialized joint of my own design. You can make the joint or buy

it from our online store.

Part Five: Legs

With the arms completed we move onto a quick and easy part of the build.


This video demonstrates the steps you'll need to take to finish off the legs.

Part Six: The Head

And so we've saved the best till last. The head is an area of the character that will take up alot of time and thought, as you decide how to best design the point of focus for the puppet - the face.


This video demonstrates the techniques used to build the foam skull for the puppet, then skin the skull and finally we look at the face.


Part Seven: Putting it All Together

After all the effort and creative flourishes you'll be left with a pile of dismembered puppet parts. All you need to do is put it all together.


If you've followed the tutorial we'd love to see what you've made. 

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