Vol.1 #0 - The Ground Rules

December 8, 2016

   It's me - that dude who punched an alien, enslaved some cockroaches, defeated an onslaught of haters and noobed out at video games - among heaps of notable stuff I've listed as achievements on my resume. But there's no point stopping just there.  


   My mission is to "clean up the internet and solve problems, one email at a time", and that starts with you. Start sending through your emails, or don't if your life's perfect and you know everything there is to know about me.


The way this works is simple: 


-- Are you curious about something about me or the other weirdos I deal with on a daily basis? Interests? Habits? Hobbies? Relationships? Etc?


-- Have you noticed some internet thing that I might want to take a close look at? A weird site/service? A 'trend'? or help deciphering an email or text you received.


-- Do you have a very personal problem that only I can solve? 



   If the answer to any of these is 'yes' then what are you waiting for - send through an email. Or I'll end up having to just reply to spam or something.


But if you're still confused maybe a video will clear things up, with a little help from the Matrix.



Or maybe that just confused you even more...

either way the choice is yours and the path is unclear...

send an email and let's see where it leads us...


Blog Official Launch Date TBC

Estimated - Feb/March 2017




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Vol.1 #0 - The Ground Rules

8 Dec 2016

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